Akademi Kepimpinan Pendidikan Tinggi


The inception of AKEPT took of on 19 October 2006 through a Memorandum Jemaah Menteri that put forward the establishment of Higher Education Leadership Academy which is know as AKEPT. AKEPT is the acronym for its Malay name that is Akademi Kepimpinan Pendidikan Tinggi.

The objective of AKEPT are to train and develop leaders with the required quality and be respected in order to bring impact to local higher learning institutions and elevate the standing globally. In addition to that, the enhancement of leadership has to be holistically addressed not just among academic but also cater administrators’ professionalism and ensure competent leaders and administrators are produce.

To be a premier referral academy for higher education leadership.

To develop dynamic and holistic higher education leaders who are competent, morally upright and innovative through leadership advancement initiatives for national and international needs.

To align with the contemporary higher education needs and demands in grooming leaders parallel with the ministry’s agenda for higher education.

To be recognized as the premier referral in competency-values based talent organization in higher education leadership development.

To provide relevant and pragmatic profiling analysis for University-Leader Directory

To reinforce and strengthen collaboration and alliance with world best leaders in higher education

To establish an institutional leaders talent pool to nominate Top Talents for key positions in higher education

To develop and promote leadership development model with AKEPT Intervention Programme (AIP) towards national and international excellence.

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